The color-coded map below indicates the gap between the estimated number of eligible children and the number of children enrolled in Title V funded programs in each elementary and unified school district in Santa Clara County.

Data on children and enrollment has been compiled from the American Institutes for Research (AIR) Early Learning Needs Assessment Tool (ELNAT). Multiple sources were used to collect the data including the California Child Care Resource and Referral Network, California Department of Education, California Department of Public Health, the American Community Survey PUMS data, and an AIR-administered survey of Head Start programs. These data were most recently updated in October 2015.

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Please note: This map does not include information on unlicensed, license-exempt, and family day care home providers. Licensed capacity may differ from operating capacity. For example, children living within a school district boundary may not attend child care within that school district's boundary and operators may enroll children from multiple school district boundaries in a single center.

Title V Enrollment vs Eligibility by School District

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